The Haunting of Waverly – 2020

Oct 31, 2020 – Oct 31, 2020, 5pm-10pm
8425 Main Street Martinsville IN 46151

From the cool mist rising from the river, strange sightings have been reported.
Some say, “Ah, it’s just the reflection of the moon on the mist.” Others fear it is something much more sinister. October being the month known for hauntings, they expect the restless souls whom have been waiting just behind the thin curtain of reality, have finally broke free to wreak havoc on mankind.
A search party for the invaders has been formed and we plan to seek out and expunge them from our world and return them to their own.
If you’re brave enough to face the unknown and help ensure the safety of the Park, meet us October 31, 2020 5p-10p

Covid Safety Rules for gatherings over 500 will apply.

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