Haunting of Waverly

Oct 26, 2024 – Oct 26, 2024, 5p-9p
8425 Main Street, Martinsville, IN 46151

From the bank of the river the water reflects the blue of the sky, the yellow, orange and reds of the turning leaves as the sun sets over Old Town Waverly Park. A Waxing Crescent Moon will take its place in the sky, but his face will be more dark then light. Perhaps even the moon fears what he might see rising from the dark depths of the River below, so he chooses to peak from the dark rather them light up the night.
As the sun fades, so does the warm breeze and in its place comes a cold, damp wind that nips at the nose and fingers. Two unfortunate visitors under estimating the time it would take to walk the four-mile out and back Greenway Trail, suddenly realize it will be a cold dark walk back to their car. As they turn and start back, they hear a rustling in the trees, at a brisk walk, almost a jog, they cross the wooden bridge, the chill of fear tingles their spine as in horror they accept the fact that they are not alone. Rising from the curve of the river a gray mist swirls toward them surrounding them in a cold dreadful cocoon. Neither can see the other but they can hear each other scream in fear as the mist pulls them back into the deep dark water below.
At home they are missed….
Annually near Halloween the restless spirits gather and if unchecked they allow evil to invade our usually serene, safe and beloved Park. So, on October 28th between the hours of 5p-9p the community will gather to search for the missing visitors, push back and rebuke the evil, and return the peace and tranquility we all love so much.
Join us in the search…
Trunk or Treat 5p-7p
Haunted Trail -6p-7p Kid Friendly, 7p-9p Haunted
Adults $10, Kids 6-12 $5 and Kids 5 and under are free with a parent.
Also, visit the Blood Bank Vampires, the Blacksmith Zombies and the Sanderson Sisters who have refurbished the Trade Center into the Witches Cottage.
Grab some grub at the Pumpkin Patch Cafe, bring a blanket and watch a Halloween favorite on Town Square.


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